Early Release of Superannuation

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Early Release of Superannuation refers to accessing part or all of your superannuation funds before you reach your preservation age (the age at which you can access your super). This is typically allowed under specific circumstances defined by law and the rules of your superannuation fund.

Key Features

  1. Circumstances for Early Release: Early release is usually permitted under specific conditions such as severe financial hardship, compassionate grounds (e.g., to pay for medical treatment or to prevent foreclosure on a home), terminal medical condition, permanent incapacity, or temporary residents leaving Australia permanently.
  2. Application Process: The process for applying for early release depends on the grounds for release. It typically involves providing evidence to support your application and may require approval from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or your superannuation fund.
  3. Impact on Retirement Savings: Early release of superannuation can significantly impact your retirement savings. The superannuation system is designed to accumulate savings over a long period, and early withdrawal can disrupt the compounding effect of these savings.


The early release of superannuation provides a means of accessing funds in times of financial distress or specific personal circumstances. However, it should be considered carefully due to the potential impact on long-term retirement savings.


Before applying for early release of superannuation, it's important to understand the eligibility criteria, the potential tax implications, and the impact on your future retirement savings. It's also crucial to consider other financial assistance options that may be available.


Early Release of Superannuation is a provision that allows individuals to access their super funds under specific circumstances before reaching their preservation age. While it can provide immediate financial relief, it's important to consider the long-term implications for retirement savings. Professional financial advice should be sought before making a decision to access superannuation early. 

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