How is a death benefit claimed?

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Claiming a Superannuation Death Benefit

When a superannuation member passes away, the funds accumulated in their super account and any associated insurance benefits become available as a death benefit. Here's a guide on how to claim this benefit.

Initiating the Claim

  • Notification: The super fund must be informed of the member's death. This can typically be done by a family member, executor of the will, or a legal representative.
  • Claim Form: Most super funds will have a specific death benefit claim form that needs to be completed and submitted. This form will outline the required details and documentation.

Required Documentation

  • Death Certificate: A certified copy of the death certificate is essential to validate the claim.
  • Proof of Identity: Claimants need to provide identification documents, such as a driver's license or passport.
  • Proof of Relationship: Documents that establish the relationship between the deceased and the claimant, like a marriage certificate or birth certificate, may be required.
  • Will or Probate: If the executor makes the claim, a copy of the will or grant of probate might be necessary.

Beneficiary Considerations

  • Nominated Beneficiaries: If the deceased had nominated beneficiaries with the super fund, the benefit would typically be directed as per this nomination.
  • No Nomination: Without a nomination, the super fund trustee will determine the distribution based on the fund's rules and relevant laws, prioritizing dependents and legal representatives.

Processing Time

  • Varies by Fund: The time taken to process and release the death benefit can vary based on the super fund's procedures and the complexity of the claim.

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