No Win, No Fee and Fixed Fee Guarantee

2 min. readlast update: 11.01.2023

Understanding the financial implications of making a super claim can be complex. That's why Claimfinder connects you with claim specialists and lawyers who offer a "No Win, No Fee and Fixed Fee" structure for their services. Here's what you need to know:

No Win, No Fee Explained: This term describes an agreement where the specialist agrees not to charge you unless your claim is successful. If your claim isn't successful, you won't have to pay any fees.

Fixed Fee Structure: Our panel of claim specialists and lawyers also offers a Fixed Fee structure. This means the total cost for services is agreed upon in advance, providing clarity on the legal process's cost from the beginning.

How It Works: After deciding to proceed with your claim, the specialist will assess your case and provide a Fixed Fee quote. This quote is the total cost for the services required for your case, regardless of the time it takes to settle your claim. If your claim isn't successful, the 'No Win, No Fee' policy ensures you won't pay any fees.

The Importance of the Agreement: The 'No Win, No Fee and Fixed Fee' terms will be in a written agreement. This document will detail the total costs, what services the Fixed Fee covers, and payment terms. It's vital to understand and agree to these terms before proceeding.

The Benefits: This arrangement aims to make the claims process more accessible and manageable. The 'No Win, No Fee and Fixed Fee' structure offers financial protection if your claim isn't successful and a clear understanding of potential costs upfront, aiding in effective budgeting for your superannuation claim.

At Claimfinder, we're committed to transparency and simplifying the claims process. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need further clarification about the 'No Win, No Fee and Fixed Fee' structure. 

Note: While Claimfinder connects you with super claim specialists, we don't directly process claims or offer legal/financial advice. For more information about our services and responsibilities, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.     
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