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A Referral Fee is a payment made to an individual or business (the referrer) for introducing a new client or customer to another business. In the context of superannuation claims and services like Claimfinder, a referral fee might be paid to a party who refers a new client to a Claim Specialist or a superannuation fund.

Key Features

  1. Payment for Introduction: The key feature of a referral fee is that it's a payment made in exchange for the introduction of a new client or customer. The referrer doesn't typically need to be involved in the transaction between the new client and the business.
  2. Agreement: The terms of the referral fee, including the amount and the conditions under which it's paid, are usually outlined in a referral agreement.
  3. Regulation: In some industries and jurisdictions, the payment of referral fees is regulated to prevent conflicts of interest or unethical practices. It's important to understand the regulations that apply to referral fees in your specific context.


Referral fees can be an effective way for businesses to attract new clients or customers. They incentivise others to promote the business and can help expand the business's reach.


When paying or receiving a referral fee, it's important to have a clear agreement that outlines the terms of the fee. It's also crucial to understand any regulations or ethical guidelines for referral fees in your industry or jurisdiction.


ClaimFinder complies with all relevant legislation and regulations regarding referral fees. We ensure that our practices are transparent, ethical, and in the best interests of our clients and partners.


A Referral Fee is a payment made to introduce a new client or customer to a business. It can be an effective tool for business growth, but it's important to manage referral fees carefully to ensure they're used ethically and in compliance with any applicable regulations. Claimfinder is committed to upholding these standards in all our operations. 

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