Superannuation Fund

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A Superannuation Fund is a type of investment fund in Australia that individuals and employers contribute to for the purpose of accumulating savings for retirement. The fund invests the money it manages with the aim of growing the funds over the long term.

Key Features

  1. Contributions: Both employers and individuals can contribute to a superannuation fund. Employers are required by law to contribute a certain percentage of an employee's earnings, known as the Super Guarantee. Individuals can also make voluntary contributions.
  2. Investment Options: Most super funds offer a range of investment options, including growth, balanced, conservative, cash, ethical, and MySuper. Some funds also allow you to choose the weighting of different asset types or direct investments.
  3. Insurance: Many super funds offer insurance options, such as life insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, and income protection insurance.
  4. Fees: All super funds charge fees, which can include administration fees, investment fees, buy/sell spread fees, transaction fees, switching fees, personal advice fees, and insurance fees.
  5. Performance: The performance of a super fund is an important consideration. It's recommended to compare the fund's investment performance over at least five years, considering the impact of fees and costs.


Superannuation funds play a crucial role in helping individuals save for retirement. They provide a means of accumulating wealth over the long term, with the added benefit of tax concessions.

How ClaimFinder Helps

ClaimFinder can assist individuals in understanding their superannuation fund, including the potential benefits they may be entitled to, such as insurance claims in the event of total and permanent disability (TPD), income protection, or death. ClaimFinder connects individuals with Claim Specialists who can guide them through the claim process, helping to ensure they receive the benefits they're entitled to.


When choosing a superannuation fund, it's important to consider the fund's performance, fees, insurance options, and the range of investment options. Regularly reviewing these factors can help ensure that your super is working effectively for your retirement.


A Superannuation Fund is a key component of retirement planning in Australia. It's a system designed to help individuals save for their retirement and provide them with an income once they stop working. With the help of services like ClaimFinder, individuals can navigate the complexities of their super fund and ensure they're making the most of their retirement savings

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