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Superannuation, often referred to as 'super', is a long-term savings arrangement that operates primarily to provide income for retirement. In Australia, it's a mandatory system where employers make contributions to their employees' superannuation funds. Many superannuation funds also offer insurance coverage as part of their services.

Key Features

  1. Employer Contributions: Employers are required by law to contribute a percentage of an employee's earnings (known as the Super Guarantee) into the employee's superannuation fund.
  2. Voluntary Contributions: In addition to employer contributions, individuals can also make voluntary contributions to their super fund, which can be concessional (before-tax) or non-concessional (after-tax).
  3. Investment: Superannuation funds invest the money they manage with the aim of growing the funds over the long term.
  4. Insurance: Many superannuation funds offer insurance options, such as life insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, and income protection insurance. These insurance coverages provide financial protection against certain events like death, disability, or illness.
  5. Access: Superannuation benefits are typically accessible once the member reaches their preservation age and meets a condition of release, such as retirement.


Superannuation is a key pillar of retirement income in Australia. It helps individuals accumulate savings throughout their working life, providing financial security in retirement. The insurance component of superannuation provides an additional layer of financial protection.


When managing superannuation, it's important to consider factors such as the fund's performance, the fees charged, the insurance options available, and the fund's investment strategy. Regularly reviewing these factors can help ensure that your super is working effectively for your retirement.


Superannuation is a critical component of retirement planning. It's a system designed to help individuals save for their retirement and provide them with an income once they stop working. The inclusion of insurance within superannuation offers additional financial security against unforeseen events. Understanding how superannuation works and actively managing your super can help ensure a more comfortable and secure retirement. 

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