TPD Insurance in Superannuation: A Financial Safety Net

2 min. readlast update: 11.01.2023

TPD insurance included within your superannuation is your financial cushion if injuries or illnesses halt your work journey. It's your safety net during life's unexpected hurdles.

Who Can Make a TPD Claim? To qualify for a TPD claim, typically, you must demonstrate:

  • Inability to resume your specific job (or any role) due to an illness or injury.
  • A probable permanent state of this condition.
  • Meet the required waiting period.

Example: Consider Sarah, a construction worker who suffered a debilitating spinal injury after an on-site accident. Medical evaluations suggest she can no longer handle strenuous tasks. Although a different job might be on her horizon, she qualifies for a TPD claim since her original profession is now inaccessible.

Multiple Super Accounts? We've Got You Every super account you hold may come with its own TPD insurance. Transitioned between jobs? You might be eligible to claim from each of your super accounts.

What Might You Receive? Your claim amount hinges on various elements, notably your super policy's specifics. While the general claim average hovers around $250,000, personal situations might dictate different figures.

The Merits of TPD Claims Through Super TPD claims can alleviate burdens by covering medical expenses, therapeutic sessions, and regular outgoings. It's about ensuring financial backup when life tests you.

How Does Claimfinder Streamline Your Journey? TPD claims can be intricate. Claimfinder bridges you with seasoned TPD professionals, streamlining the claim journey.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact us.

Note: While Claimfinder connects you with super claim specialists, we don't directly process claims or offer legal/financial advice. For more information about our services and responsibilities, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.      
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