Waiting Period

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The waiting period refers to the time that must pass after the onset of a disability or illness before a policyholder is eligible to make a claim. This period varies between TPD and IP insurance policies.

TPD Claims

  • Three to Six Months: Most TPD policies have a waiting period before a payment is made, with common waiting periods being either three months or six months of continuous absence from work.
  • No Waiting Period for Specific Illnesses and Injuries: Some illnesses and injuries do not require a waiting period. Most funds have no waiting period if you suffer a heart attack, major head trauma, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s, severe burns, paralysis, or loss of speech or hearing.

IP Claims

  • Between 14 Days and Two Years: Most income protection policies offer a waiting period between 14 days and two years. The policyholder must be unable to work as a result of illness or injury at the end of the waiting period to be eligible for payments.
  • Considerations: In general, the longer the waiting period, the cheaper the policy. When choosing the waiting period, policyholders should think about how much they have in sick and annual leave, savings, and emergency funds.


Understanding the waiting period is crucial when considering both TPD and IP insurance. It affects when you can make a claim and receive benefits, and it can have financial implications if you're not prepared for the delay.

How Claimfinder Helps

Claimfinder specializes in assisting individuals with superannuation claims, including TPD and IP claims, where waiting periods may apply. Claimfinder connects individuals with Claim Specialists who can guide policyholders through the waiting period, helping them understand the terms of their policy and navigate the claim process once the waiting period has elapsed.


The waiting period is a fundamental aspect of both TPD and IP insurance policies in Australia. It determines when you can make a claim and receive benefits. Understanding the common waiting periods for both TPD and IP claims and how they may affect your situation is essential when choosing a policy. Services like ClaimFinder can provide valuable assistance in navigating these complexities, ensuring that individuals are well-informed and supported in their insurance decisions.  

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