What is a binding death benefit nomination?

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Understanding Binding Death Benefit Nominations

A binding death benefit nomination is a crucial tool within superannuation, allowing members to specify who should receive their superannuation death benefits. Here's a comprehensive guide to this nomination.


  • Binding Nomination: This is a formal, written notice given to the super fund trustee, specifying the beneficiaries who should receive the death benefits upon the member's demise. When valid, the trustee is legally bound to distribute the benefits as per the nomination.

Key Features

  • Validity Period: Typically, a binding nomination remains valid for three years from the date it's made (or last confirmed/updated). After this period, it needs to be renewed to remain binding.
  • Eligible Beneficiaries: Only dependents (like spouses or children) and legal personal representatives can be nominated.
  • Clear Specification: The nomination should clearly specify the proportion of benefits each beneficiary should receive.

Revocation & Updates

  • Changing Circumstances: Members can update or revoke their binding nomination at any time, especially if personal circumstances change, like marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child.
  • Formal Process: To update or revoke, members usually need to complete a specific form provided by the super fund and meet any witnessing requirements.

Consequences of Invalid Nominations

  • Trustee's Discretion: If a binding nomination is invalid or has expired, the super fund trustee will have the discretion to determine the beneficiaries based on the fund's rules and relevant laws.

Guidance with Claimfinder

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