What is a superannuation death benefit?

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Understanding Superannuation Death Benefits

Superannuation, often referred to as 'super', is a long-term savings arrangement designed to support individuals in retirement. But what happens to these funds upon the account holder's demise? This is where the superannuation death benefit comes into play.

Essence of the Benefit

  • Definition: A superannuation death benefit is a payment made from a super fund to the beneficiaries or dependents upon the account holder's death.
  • Components: This benefit can comprise the deceased's accumulated super balance, including contributions and investment earnings, and may also include any life insurance held within the super.


  • Nominated Beneficiaries: Super fund members can nominate beneficiaries, ensuring the death benefit is distributed as per their wishes. Depending on the fund's rules, this can be a binding or non-binding nomination.
  • Dependents: This includes the deceased's spouse, children (regardless of age), and any person financially dependent on the deceased or with whom the deceased had an interdependent relationship.
  • Legal Personal Representative: If no beneficiary is nominated, the benefit may be paid to the deceased's estate and distributed as per their will or legal procedures.

Tax Implications

  • Varied Rates: The tax on a superannuation death benefit depends on the relationship between the deceased and the beneficiary, with different rates for dependents and non-dependents.

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